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Your Information Is Exposed

Online privacy is no joke. When your private information is exposed online, your safety is compromised.

Restore your peace of mind and stop online data leaks by knowing where your information is being shared, and by having the tools to remove exposed info.

InfoSweep puts you in charge of your online presence. It's your reputation. Secure it. Protect it. Control it.

Online Privacy Matters

It takes less than thirty seconds to find your personal information online. Anyone, anywhere, can find your name, age, home address, employer, and a myriad of other information.

Online privacy is no laughing matter. It may seem innocent when a friend Googles your name, but they're not the only ones looking. Telemarketers get their calling lists online, and cyber criminals, including identity theives, find a gold mine of informaiton on data sharing sites.

Fortunately, there is a solution. InfoSweep provides a power set of easy-to-use tools that identify and eliminate privacy risks with just a couple of clicks.

Online Threats
Concerned Man at Computer

Information We Remove

Your Name, Age, Location History and Employment History
Your Home Addresses: Current and Previous
Pictures Showing You, Your Home, and Your Family
Your Email Address, Phone Number and Personal Contact Information

Security Made Simple

InfoSweep's protection process is quick and easy, meaning you can go on with your day, knowing that you're always protected.

Make Your Account:

InfoSweep will walk you through the process of choosing which infomration to protect and of setting up your account.

Find Exposed Data:

Our proprietary software scans the web for sites that are exposing your private info and points them out to you.

Remove Private Information:

With a single click, you can request that your information be removed from those sites. We'll notify you when it's gone.

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What People are Saying

"It's nobody's business how old I am and where I live. I'm so glad that InfoSweep can take that off the internet."
"I was so stressed out when I saw my name on Google. They even had pictures of my home! This program helped me remove the pictures and I feel so much safer now."
"This has made me feel much better. I don't like seeing my personal details online, and InfoSweep helps me take them off."
"I like knowing who's showing my information and where. Sometimes I don't care, but if they're sharing stuff I don't want online then I can just click on the remove button and it'll be gone."

It’s Your Reputation: Secure it. Protect it. Control it.

We know how important it is to move quickly while protecting your information. To ensure that there's nothing standing in your way, we offer the first month free on all of our protection packages.

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